Appio LeeAnne


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

LeeAnne found Campus Ambassadors at Sacred Heart University, where it is known as Lighthouse Christian Community, in the Spring of her freshman year of college in 2017. She has been a devoted member since. The following year she was appointed the Secretary and is now walking into her senior year at SHU as the current President of the organization on her campus. LeeAnne was appointed with Missions Door as a student intern in August of 2019.

LeeAnne has seen the profound difference a college ministry has made in her life and wants to help bring it to other students on her campus. Lighthouse Christian Community has been a major steppingstone in her faith, challenging her continually to explore the Bible and God’s Will for her life while providing her a firm foundation to fall back on.

Faith Story

LeeAnne grew up in a Catholic home. She attended Catholic school until her sophomore year of high school where she then transferred to public school and joined a Bible study group. She never had the opportunity to grow into her own faith until she joined Lighthouse her freshman year of college. LeeAnne dedicated her life to Christ her sophomore year of college and was rebaptized her junior year at her church. This encounter has helped shape LeeAnne to this day and with the help and support of campus ministers as well as her fellow Lighthouse club members and CA family, she has been able to boldly live out her faith on campus.


LeeAnne is the youngest of five children originally from Long Island, NY. She is currently living in Connecticut attending Sacred Heart University. Her family has just moved from Long Island to a farm in Northern Connecticut. She is thankful that her family is closer to her since they have moved to CT and for the love and support they offer her.