Stephen and Kim Bugler


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

“I understand the secular college student’s mindset; I had that same mindset in college. I want to help Christians truly be Christ followers and reach those who are far from God with the love of Jesus,” Steve said, as he resigned from a five-year job working for the federal government.

For years Steve felt a call towards full-time ministry and was appointed by Missions Door in December 2007. Kim’s calling came much earlier. Throughout college, she served as a leader among youth and after college she helped staff her high school youth group.

After three years of volunteering in ministry, Kim felt called to serve as a Campus Ambassadors missionary full time. Kim was appointed by Missions Door in 1998 and served at Worcester State College in Worcester, MA. After a year Kim was recruited to move to Albany, NY, to start directing the University at Albany ministry.

In the fall of 2004, Steve started volunteering weekly with Campus Ambassadors. He also gained ministry experience by leading a year-long ministry at his home church geared toward college students and young professionals. Now Steve and Kim “officially” partner together to reach the University at Albany campus for Christ.

Faith Story

Steve gave his life to Christ his sophomore year of high school, but he did not realize what it meant to actually follow Christ at the time.

He was caught up in partying and a very secular way of life. God felt distant and even nonexistent to him. Later, after bouts of depression and failures in finances, relationships and life direction, he explored other religions to try to make sense of life. Nothing satisfied until God reopened his eyes and he prayed to recommit his life to Christ.

Making up for lost time, Steve quickly immersed himself in God’s Word and in Bible studies nearly each night of the week. Steve has experienced much spiritual growth and God has used his new-found passion to bring others to the Lord.

Kim gave her life to Christ at an early age and as she matured, so did her relationship with God and her boldness to share her faith.


Steve and Kim met in 2004 at a ministry conference and were married in 2006. They have two children.


Steve: B.S. in Psychology, M.B.A.
Kim: B.A. in Communications, M.A. in Theology