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Appointed with Missions Door in August 2022, Libby Davis works with Signs of Love ( serving the Deaf through her artistic giftings. Her art and illustrations have been used online to comfort those dealing with the complexities of grieving suicides, depression, and other hardships. Based in Texas, Libby serves the organization by creating much needed resources to aid their mission in His kingdom to serve the Deaf community.

Faith Story

Libby grew up in a Christian household but veered off later in life into a cynical worldview on her own. Unable to cope with her numerous learning disabilities and hearing loss from her premature birth, she worked viciously non-stop to prove to the world that she wasn’t a mistake and that she had value. She slowly began to resent God, blame Him for all the problems she had in life, and cursed Him for ever letting her be born.

It wasn’t until three suicides of her beloved friends later (one being her family member) and the death of two more family members within a thirteen-month period, that worldview came crashing down to halt.

Shortly after the five deaths, she began to believe the lie that she was truly a mistake after all and constantly blamed herself for the deaths. With everyday being a dread to wake up to, she began to make plans to take her own life. Prior to doing so, she wrote a final note to God along the lines of: “I don’t want to die. But I don’t want to live either. If you are there, please stop me.”

Inexplicably and shortly after, God intervened and answered her in a miraculous way. Her plans toward her own death were abruptly interrupted after she was caught unexpectedly. After seeing how supernatural the circumstances of her surprise intervention were, she began to ponder, "Is God trying to get my attention?”

Within days after the incident, she decided to put on a random sermon she found on YouTube while driving back from classes. At one point, the pastor stopped speaking while praying. After pausing in silence for a moment, he announced: "Someone was going to commit suicide this week.” The moment he finished that sentence, Libby hit the brakes of her car and came to a screeching halt. She knew in that moment for certain God had heard her plea.

Looking for answers, she began to read through the Bible relentlessly. As she read, she eventually began to see that she needed not only a Savior from her own hand, but she needed the Savior that took the punishment she rightfully deserved. She not only needed forgiveness from the God she falsely accused of committing a crime He never committed against her, but she desperately needed His mercy.The more she read, the more she also began to see countless times throughout the Bible that it didn’t matter what humanity said about her worth or value. The only thing that will ever matter is what her Creator says about her.

She has since given her life to Christ, and her main motivation in life is to serve the One who not only saved her life from her own hand, but the one who saved her eternity. Who still loves her enough to call her “His beloved child” despite all she initially had done prior to being born again.




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