Nathan Funk


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Role: Inter

Ministry Focus

Nathan’s background in ministry began in the Marine Corps, dealing with men and women in the same age group as college students. As a leader in the Marines, he had many opportunities to minister and mentor others in each stage of his career. Nathan feels that college students are in a very similar situation to young Marines–being away from family and living in a new home. Nathan believes, “this is the most vulnerable time in a young life, and the decisions youth make here will guide their belief system for many years to come.”

Nathan joined Campus Ambassadors to bring the Word of God to Arizona State University. As he establishes relationships with new people, he actively seeks opportunities to involve them in the Campus Ambassador’s community with events like Bible studies, prayer and worship. Nathan’s goal is to focus on a few personal relationships each semester and to develop friendships through time together. Through this interaction, he hopes to demonstrate his faith in these relationships and to open the door for God to facilitate the growth of their own faith.

Faith Story

Nathan’s first experience with Christianity was in 2012, as a young Marine. At this time, he was working on jet engines when he met a fellow marine who exuded something magnificent, genuine and compassionate. This friendship ushered Nathan to church, where he began to understand the difference he saw in this marine. His life revolved around Jesus, and soon, Nathan learned the powerful impact Jesus can have on one’s life. One year later, Nathan gave his life to Christ through confession of faith and baptism.


Nathan met Michelle (now, his wife) during this journey to faith. She had given her life to Christ many years prior, and was incredibly supportive and loving as Jesus began to work in Nathan’s life. God is the center of their relationship, making it easy to find common ground. The two married after 18 months of dating, and have continued to grow their relationship in God through Bible studies and retreats.

While the Funks do not have any children yet, God has placed a concern for foster children on their hearts. They feel called to have a blended family, raising both biological and adopted children.


Nathan currently attends Arizona State University after being employed by the Marine Corps.