Rick and Pat Giuntoli


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

Rick and Pat have been on mission for the Lord Jesus for over 30 years. They have served in many ministries in various roles in Church and outside the Church walls.

In 2019 after Rick was called to be an Executive Pastor of his Church in Bridgeport CT he began reaching out to the community around the Church. It was here he met up with Tim and Jess Siegrist, Campus Ambassadors at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield Ct. It was not long before Rick and his wife Pat became involved with the students in this ministry. They began hosting the students in their home and Rick had the privilege of discipling one of the students. Through this ministry Rick and Pat have renewed their passion to see college students come to a saving, life giving faith in Jesus.

Rick has been newly appointed as a field minister at the University of Albany. Pat has been appointed as an affiliate minister. Together they see their roles as those who will come along side to encourage, to teach and disciple the students who have a faith in Christ and watch them grow in faith and multiply their faith as they confidently share Jesus with their peers on campus and beyond.

Faith Story

Rick was raised in a devout Catholic home. He viewed Christianity merely as a religion with a lot of rules and regulations to be kept. When Rick became a teenager, he began to rebel and walked away from the Church.

Pat grew up going to Church in a Protestant denomination. She loved Sunday school and hearing Bible stories. As a teenager, she enjoyed youth group. Yet when she finished high school, it no longer had an appeal and she walked away from Church.

Rick was now a young adult, filling his days with work and taking classes at a local college. Yet there was a void.

Pat was now a young adult, filling her days with work. Yet there was a void.

Rick and Pat had known each other in their youth. They met up again and began dating. They thought they were the answer to each other’s void. So, they got married! Unfortunately, after a short time their lives were anything but joyful bliss, and there was still a void.

Pat began seeking answers for her unhappiness and returned to the place she felt love. She decided to go visit a Baptist Church her sister was a member of. It was not long after she began attending that she heard the Gospel message for what she felt was the first time. She acknowledged her sin and accepted God’s gift and said yes to Christ as Savior and Lord.

Rick noticed a change in his wife. He wanted to find out why she was changing. He decided to go to Church with her. At first, he rejected what he was hearing, but one day as he heard the gospel message being preached from a different source on the television, it all came together. It made sense. Rick was convicted right there of his sin and convinced of the love and grace God was offering. He accepted Christ as Savior and Lord. He exchanged religion for a relationship.

At that moment for both Pat and Rick, that void was filled, and their lives were eternally changed.


Rick and Pat were married in August of 1982. They currently live in Cranston RI. They have two grown sons Matthew and Andrew, their “Gifts from God”.