Zac Grautski

United States

Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Role: Field Minister

Ministry Focus

Campus Ambassadors has had a large impact on Zac’s faith walk. Zac was able to develop his leadership skills by leading small groups, becoming the clubs president for 3 years, and being an intern for 2 years. Zac has a passion for sharing the gospel with unbelievers and discipleship. He especially delights in teaching the Word of God to both believers and unbelievers, making it palatable and applicable to their lives and faith journey. Zac is excited to use what he has learned with CA as an intern in the next step in his journey serving as a full time minister at both SUNY Oneonta and Hartwick College.

Faith Story

Zac was raised in a loving Catholic home. He attended mass every week and went to both a Catholic elementary school and highschool. That being said he never really knew God, but rather knew about God. He plunged into a worldly lifestyle trying to find purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in what was promised to him by the world, but found it was all empty. It wasn’t till the Lord orchestrated a series of events that caused him to realise how destructive his lifestyle was and how empty he truly felt. It was in this place where He encountered this Jesus he had heard so much about. This “religious figure” turned out to be a person filled with love, peace, joy and that fulfillment he had been yearning for. It was then that Zac surrendered his life to Jesus. Shortly after attending college, Zac heard about Campus Ambassadors. He was able to get plugged into Campus Ambassadors where his faith was nurtured and his gifts were cultivated.


Zac grew up in Leominster Massachusetts and currently resides in Oneonta New York with his new bride Lauren, who is also involved with CA. He  has seven younger siblings that he is very close with, all living in Massachusetts. Although he has recently moved to the area, Zac has begun to build lasting friendships and relationships both in CA and in the local community.


Zac has earned his B.S degree in Human Services at Fitchburg State University in the Spring of 2020.