Meagan Jorritsma


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

Meagan became involved with Campus Ambassadors in the fall of 2016 and was appointed in June 2017 as a campus intern at Worcester State University in Massachusetts. Through Attending college, Meagan saw the unique opportunity that campus-based ministry brought to those who otherwise might never get the chance to hear the Gospel.

Meagan will direct the Campus Ambassadors Ministry House by helping grown Christian community there. In addition, Meagan is focused on ministering to international students on campus and coordinating a partnership with relocated refugees in the Worcester area. She works closely with local organizations who give college students the opportunity to experience cross-cultural ministry and grow their hearts for missions.

Faith Story

Meagan was raised in a Christian household. Being taught from a young age that God wanted a relationship with her, she accepted that invitation when she was nine. Throughout her teenage years, she pursued this relationship, but in college it became much more raw and important to her to pursue every day.


Meagan Grew up on a farm with her parents, two brothers, and her dog Gracie.


  • Expected B.A. in Urban Studies and Communications,¬†Worcester State University