Zach & Chiara Jorritsma


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

Zach and Chiara are serving international students at the University of Bridgeport.

Faith Story

Zach became a Christian at the age of six due to the influence of his mother and members of his church. From then up until now he is discovering what an incredible gift he has been given and how his life has been conformed more and more to fit the calling he has to be in the family of God.

While Chiara grew up in a Christian home, her faith didn’t become completely whole and real until she was part of Campus Ambassadors for a couple of semesters. The discipleship, fellowship, and accountability really helped her to conquer some ginormous demons in her life, grow closer to Christ in a way she never knew was possible, and strive to live out every aspect of her life in a way that honors God and portrays His character and love to the world.


Zach and Chiara met in the fall of 2016, and it didn’t take them long to fall in love and get married in the spring of 2018. They now live in the Bridgeport, CT area and enjoy hiking, rock climbing, and having mud fights.

Zach’s parents and brother live in Spencer, MA, and his sister Meagan directs the Campus Ambassadors House in Worcester, MA.

Chiara’s parents, Vic and Helena, and younger sister, Alessia, live in Jefferson, NY and her older sister, Erin, is studying physical therapy at Upstate Medical in Syracuse.



Zach has a B.A. in English from Worcester State University.

Chiara has a B.S. in Dietetics from SUNY Oneonta.