Yonatan Juarez

El Salvador

Service Area: International

Ministry Focus

Yonatan has been involved in church service in Chalchuapa since 2001, when he started the Pastoral Theology program. Thanks to the church’s social programs, he learned welding, basic computing and began to serve every year in construction. In 2007, Yonatan started as an associate pastor at the Chalchuapa church and began helping with Spanish and English translations for campaigns with the Benny Jackson Evangelistic Association. Yonatan’s mission is to establish churches in San Marcos, a city in southern El Salvador. He is developing a missionary team with which will open more ministry doors throughout El Salvador.

Faith Story

At the age of ten, Yonatan became a Christian after hearing the message of salvation at a church. He realized his own need for salvation and gave his life to Jesus to save him and be the Lord of his life.

Yonatan has a desire to help people gain more insight as he found answers to his own questions in the Scriptures. He considers that many people have the same questions and may not have someone who can help them find those answers in the Scriptures. Being in constant contact with people from other countries, visiting the churches of El Salvador, and assisting in communities service fueled his desire to be able to serve in different cultural settings. He has participated in teaching people in Guatemala and Honduras about evangelism and Christian leadership.


Yonatan is a graduate of first and second levels of the Pastoral Theology program with the SEAN programs that are taught in the Chalchuapa church. He received the pastoral ordination of Missions Door in January 2010.

In 2017 he graduated as a Computer Systems Engineer.

In 2018, Yonatan enrolled at the University of Antioquia School and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Ministry.