Micaelyn Ketchen


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

Before transferring to the University at Albany, SUNY, Micaelyn spent two years at community college working with a team to lead a Bible study for college students across the New York State Capital Region. In Fall 2017, Micaelyn transferred to UAlbany where she connected with Campus Ambassadors. She was appointed to serve as an intern with Campus Ambassadors at the UAlbany campus in May 2019.

Prior to joining Campus Ambassadors, Micaelyn had not experienced consistent, personal discipleship. This experience was so transformative for her, that the Lord put a desire in her heart to disciple other young women. Micaelyn is passionate about biblical literacy, theology, and discipleship. She wants to help her peers understand how to read and interpret Scripture, not only for the sake of knowledge, but more importantly so that her peers can understand who God is and what that means for their lives.

Micaelyn also longs to help her peers understand the depth of grace in Christ Jesus and the freedom that brings for those who believe, especially from anxiety. She is excited for the opportunity to disciple others as an intern with Campus Ambassadors and to see all the wonders God has in store for UAlbany this next year!

Faith Story

Micaelyn’s running joke is that she was raised in the church. In addition to growing up in a Christian household and attending church through her childhood, Micaelyn attended private Christian school from kindergarten through tenth grade. Additionally, her uncle is a pastor of a church in upstate New York, and her late grandfather was also a pastor. Growing up in a gospel-saturated environment, Micaelyn understood from a young age that Jesus’ death and resurrection provided her salvation and sanctification. However, she did not understand that God’s love for her was not dependent on her performance. This led her to question truth in her teen years, and it was not until college that she began to understand the depth of grace. From that point on, Micaelyn has been passionate about exploring and sharing the depth of God’s grace with others.

For a more in-depth testimony, check out this link for Micaelyn’s blog: https://echoingglory.wordpress.com/my-faith-story/


Micaelyn is the oldest of Michael and Nancy Ketchen’s four children. She lives in upstate New York with her younger sister, Margaret, and loves to visit her parents’ place to pour into her younger brothers, Sean and Scott.


Candidate B.S. in Human Development, University at Albany, SUNY