Jennifer and Paul Layte

United States

Service Area: Specialized Ministries

Ministry Focus

Jenn was appointed to serve with Missions Door in 2015. She was first appointed with Campus Ambassadors at Worcester State University in Massachusetts and in 2017 transitioned to Specialized Ministry to develop The Pilgrimage, an online spiritual formation ministry for individuals struggling to find their place in the Church and/or the spiritual landscape in general. After years of a growing desire, Jenn wants to see the “Nones” (people who consider themselves “spiritual but not religious”) and the “Dones” and “Almost-Dones” (those with a long history in the Church who are, for various reasons, leaving or considering leaving entirely) invited or restored to true and growing Christian fellowship.

The Online Spiritual Formation Group (OSFGroup) hosts adults of all ages, from Arizona to London, New Hampshire to Florida. Her personal mission is to provide communal and individual spiritual learning and coaching for spiritual inquirers, ministry supporters, and other interested persons, assisting in movement toward maturity in Christ and greater love for and investment in local churches.

Faith Story

Born into a family of missionaries and pastors, Jenn asked Jesus into her heart at age four and since then has spent her life discovering, in ever changing ways, how real He is, how much He loves us, and how deeply He longs for His people to be reconciled to the Father through Him.

Jenn’s desire to introduce people to Jesus started when she was a young child, and she has traveled around the world and served in many different ministries to accomplish this. She is always seeking to deepen her relationship with Jesus and loves to mentor people, both new and seasoned in their faith, in hopes of helping them also deepen their relationship with Him.

Paul came to know the Lord in his early 20s at a non-denominational church in Marlboro, Massachusetts, and regards his decision for Jesus as the linchpin to his adult life. He’s been given the privilege of witnessing, praying, and leading others to Christ over the years, and seeks to expand his knowledge and understanding by attending college-level courses for lay ministry at the New England Christian Study Center in Auburn, Massachusetts.


Jenn and Paul live on a pond in a humble home near Worcester where they enjoy regular visits from Paul’s daughter Alicia. Oscar the dog and Rosie the cat are senior members of the welcoming committee, and do a great job of holding down the couch.