Alex Linares

Ministry Focus

In 1998 in the community Cordoncillo, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Alex opened and established a Baptist Church with 15 active members. The Lord then moved him from the missionary program to lead him to the community of El Manacal, Rancho Potrerillos from 2002 – 2006. The church established was named Temple Betel with 23 active members.

Alex later went back to the Baptist Church, which he is currently the Pastor of and serving with his family. Through his time at the church, he has worked as the Sunday School Teacher, Worship Leader, and organized evangelism activities through puppets, plays, and clowns.

Their vision is to be able to open new churches in Honduras as much as the Lord allows.


Obeying to the Lord’s call, Alex, his wife, Karla Yadira Rivera, and their son, Alejandro David Linares (4) have been serving at the Baptist Church in Honduras since 2012, continuing with his father’s legacy.