Luis Magandi


Service Area: International

Role: International Associate Minister

Ministry Focus

Luis and Johana are currently working on the plantation of churches in his native country, Guatemala. They are currently working in both urban areas as well as the rural areas of the country, making sure the Good News arrives to the most remote regions of the country; and in so, edifying churches that are strong and solid in the doctrines of the Bible. At the same time, a group of men and women are joining who have embraced the vision and the mission—a team of brothers who depend on God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit for such a call. There isn’t a place that does not need the light of the Gospel and this is also seen in every social status. They envision a multitude of families in every place being transformed by the Gospel and radiating the love of Christ towards their other relatives, friends, and neighbors.

Faith Story

After running away from pain and sorrow due to brokenness in his family, Luis embarked from Puerto Barrios, Guatemala to Punta Gorda, Belize in search of a new life. While working as a fisherman in the docks, he was approached by missionary NT Dellinger who not only shared the Gospel and invited him to church but also visited him to share more about the word of God. On one of the occasions when NT visited him, Luis shared with him that he was planning to leave the country to embark on yet another adventure. NT then went on to respond with words that entered his heart and hasn’t forgotten since: ¨You can go to Canada, the United States or another country in the world and still feel empty, since everything lies in the heart and there is only one who can fill it forever”.  After NT left, Luis kneeled on the ground and lost notion of time as he spoke to God for hours and connected with him like he had never done before. The morning after, he went in search of a church to congregate in with a joy that was unlike any other he had experienced before. At that time, he started working in the ministry in Belize, sharing the Gospel in the same way it once came to him. Soon enough he became the Gospel ministry leader and started volunteering in many ministries within the church, such as the Billy Graham Association and Luis Palau Association. He took on new projects such as working alongside Samaritan’s Purse.


In 1994 while serving in Belize, he met his wife Johana with whom he has been married to for the last 26 years. They have four children: Sara, Esther, Maria and Jeremias.