Foster Mann


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

Foster has attended Hartwick College for three years and has seen the need for focused, intentional Christians there. College students are making tough decisions that will impact their future lives. Who will show them the light and love of Jesus?

Foster has seen the curiosity of his peers about spiritual things. When they meet believing students whose lives reflect the gospel and who can show the way to Christ, some of them gladly turn to Him.

Campus Ambassadors helps these students understand what effect a relationship with Christ could have on their lives. CA gives students the chance to take ownership of their own spiritual growth and of the advancement of the Gospel on campus. As an intern, Foster can give more time and energy toward these purposes.

Faith Story

Foster grew up in the church his entire life. However, at the start of college he realized that what he had experienced was religion and not true relationship with Christ. Through CA, he began to see the significance and power of the gospel and what it means to live in a personal relationship with Jesus.

Since then, Foster has felt more called to live so that all may be aware of the glory of God in his own life. As he has become more verbal about his faith, he has been surprised and delighted as fellow students expressed their interest in what he can tell them about Jesus.


Foster grew up in Greenwich New York with his father, mother and brother. He is currently going to school at Hartwick College in Oneonta.