Greg (Mac) and Julie McCallum

United States

Service Area: Harvest America

Ministry Focus

Greg has begun to pastor a new church in Vernonia, Oregon. Vernonia is a logging community and the church is Grace Family Fellowship, a church of around 30 members.

Greg spends time in the community building relationships with local residents at the schools, businesses, and traveling the logging roads visiting loggers. His focus is discipling men to be followers of Jesus and leaders in their homes and ministries.

Faith Story

Greg grew up in Pendleton, Oregon and received Christ as a child. After serving in the United States Air Force he got his bachelor’s degree in biology and went to work with the Forest Service, working in the woods of small rural towns in Idaho, Washington and Oregon.

It was in this capacity the Lord called him into ministry after seeing the need for evangelism in rural America. Greg’s heart’s desire is to bring the church to these small areas that are often overlooked and forgotten.

Julie met the Lord the summer of 1988 when Greg shared the gospel with her. She got involved in a group of believers in college and has been growing ever since.


Greg met Julie right after high school in the summer of 1988. They were married January 24, 1990.

Julie serves with Greg in ministry, reaching out to the women in the community. She is very good with arts and crafts and has a bachelor’s degree in graphic communications from Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington.

Their oldest daughter, Jaelynne, loves horses, volleyball, basketball and helping in youth ministry.

Luke loves all sports. He is a natural leader and also loves working in youth ministry and playing the drums.

Dave is their youngest child. He is very musical, loves sports and working on the farm. He does all the chores with the cows, chickens, ducks, and pets and has a business selling eggs. Dave loves to please, has a tender heart for the Lord and is very creative, like his mother.


Greg: B.S. in Biology, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington
M.A. in Pastoral Studies from Multnomah Seminary, Portland, OR
Julie: B.A. in Science and Technology, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington