Mikhail Mikhaylov


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

Mikhail serves with Campus Ambassadors as an intern at Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York. Appointed by Missions Door in November 2016, his goal as an intern is to focus on spreading the Gospel to the lost and plugging new believers into a home church. Ministry has been a part of Mikhail’s life since he was a young teenager, aiding in financial matters for his church youth group. As the years progressed, Mikhail began to use his skills to assist the church in finances beyond just the youth.

In addition to financial ministries, Mikhail has led Bible studies, discussion groups, and become an active leader for Campus Ambassadors on his college campus. Currently, he ministers through Bible studies, evangelism, and outreach planning. Mikhail’s vision is to spread the news of Jesus to non-believers and to encourage growth in believers around campus.

Faith Story

Mikhail heard the Gospel at a young age, but didn’t surrender to Jesus Christ until he was 18 years old. Jesus intervened in Mikhail’s life during an attempt to end his life, and from that day on he has served Jesus with all his heart. A few months later, Mikhail became a part of Campus Ambassadors as he felt led to spread the Gospel of freedom that he experienced.


Mikhail is the youngest of five and was born into a Ukrainian Christian home. He currently resides in the city of Greece. Although Mikhail finds little support for ministry from his family, he continues to worship God and point his family towards richer ministry.


Mikhail is currently on track to finishing an associates Business Administration degree and will be pursuing a dual major in Mathematics.