Vincent and Maryam Morgan

United States

Service Area: City

Ministry Focus

Vincent and Maryam both grew up in Southern California. Maryam was raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ when she was young.  Vincent accepted the Lord as a student at Biola University and has been involved in Jewish evangelism since 1961.  Vincent and Maryam met at Biola and were married in 1969.  They have two grown sons, Ben and Joel.  Vincent studied Hebrew and Jewish history in Israel and worked on the excavations at Masada.  On a second trip to Israel, he worked on a kibbutz. In 1976 Vincent was appointed by Missions Door for ministry to Jewish people in the New York City area.


Faith Story

Since his appointment Vincent has been working with Jewish people in New York City.  With his protégé, Mottel Baleston (Missions Door, New Jersey), he wrote a thirteen-week course on Jewish evangelism, which has been used to train lay people to reach their Jewish friends and relatives for the Messiah.  Since 1988 Vincent’s ministry has focused mainly on Russian-speaking refugees and immigrants from the former Soviet Union, many of whom are Jewish.  He has planted two Russian-speaking congregations and continues to lead the second one. Fulfilling a lifelong commitment and call, Vincent began to work with several ministries in Israel in 2005, mostly in Arad, Nazareth and Afula.  On the occasions when he is there he assists pastors, serves as pulpit supply, encourages believers and teaches Bible studies.  The Morgans do not conduct tours to Israel.  Maryam helps in Vincent’s ministry and is the Treasurer of their church.  Most recently several Muslims and Hindus have begun to seek out the Morgans for information concerning Jesus, the Bible, God, etc.


The Morgans’ home, which is often called a museum, is a frequent stopover for people worldwide who pass through New York City.  It gives them many opportunities for evangelism, fellowship, monthly hymn sings and Bible studies.  The living room was even once transformed into a wedding chapel.  Another time it was used for a full sit-down Passover Seder and dinner.  Many people say that they feel a peace in their house that they don’t feel anywhere else.


Vincent and Maryam met at Biola and were married in 1969. They have two grown sons: Ben and Joel.


In 2013 Vincent published his first book “Psalm 119, A Handbook for Life“, which is a Bible study guide unlike any other that you have ever read.  Check it out at  In 2016 his second book “Isaiah 53, the Centrality of the Lamb” was published.