Kent and Cathy Murahashi

United States

Service Area: Harvest America

Ministry Focus

Kent was appointed by Missions Door in May 2012 as a Catalytic Overseer for their Church Birthing Matrix, a two-year comprehensive training program for lay leaders who aspire to become church planters or members of a church-planting team.

Using current internet technology, this program will connect instructors from various points in the country with live local trainers who are culturally and linguistically specific to the needs of the trainees.

The aim is to provide a balanced grounding of biblical and practical training in preparing and establishing equipped church leaders for the great harvest of souls.

In 30 years of pastoral ministry God has taken the Murahashi family to pastoral assignments in Bellevue, Washington, Portland, Oregon, Honolulu, Hawaii, Seattle, Washington and Tukwila, Washington.

While serving in Honolulu, Kent also served one year as Assistant Professor of Music and Christian Education at International College and Graduate School of Theology.

Moved by the challenge from God to become a true minister of racial reconciliation, Kent and Cathy became church planters with Conservative Baptists of the Northwest in 1999, where they were mentored and coached by then mother church pastor, and now Harvest America Ministry Director, Harry Olsen. They planted Grace Point Community Church in Tukwila, Washington in 2002.

Grace Point is an intentionally inter-cultural church with specialized ministry to high-risk youth and children, the recovery community, and the refugee community in the most diverse school district in the country.

As parents of an adult child with developmental disabilities, Kent and Cathy have been given unexpected and unique opportunities to reach out and connect with yet another special need community. This has opened doors particularly for Cathy, who vocationally ministers to the developmentally disabled community through her work as Parent-to-Parent Coordinator with the Arc of King County in Seattle.

Faith Story

Kent received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as a high school sophomore at an Asian-American Youth Conference in February 1977. Within that first year of walking with the Lord, it became apparent quickly that God was calling him to the pastoral ministry with a burden for the 99.5% of his own ethnic group who are unsaved.

This target group vision was radically expanded through his association with Promise Keepers and coming to understand from working shoulder-to-shoulder with churches from a wide variety of tribes, tongues and nations that the Great Commission was a call to “make disciples of all ethnicities.”

Cathy was raised in a Christian home and had a saving relationship with Jesus from an early age. She and Kent met as students at the School of Music at Seattle Pacific University in 1979 and were members of the traveling Concert Choir.

It was during the 1980 tour that Kent asked Cathy’s father, long-time General Director of the Conservative Baptists of Northern California, Dr. Bruce Clatterbuck, for his daughter’s hand in marriage. He said yes, and they were married on August 21, 1982.


Kent and Cathy have three grown children: Laura, a licensed physical therapist in Mountlake Terrace, Washington, Holly, who works at Cafe 43 on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington, and David, who completed a degree in Special Education at Seattle Pacific University in 2013.


Kent: B.A., Religion/Music Theory and Literature, Seattle Pacific University, 1982
M.Div., Pastoral Emphasis, Western Conservative Baptist Seminary, Portland, Oregon, 1988
D.Min. (product title: A Church-Planting Strategy for Reaching a Multi-Racial Target Group in the Pacific Northwest), Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon, 2001
Cathy: B.A., Music in the Church, Seattle Pacific University, 1983