Rick and Lee Ann Myers

Short-Term Teams



Service Area: Specialized Ministries

Role: Short-Term Teams Coordinator and Missionary Advocate

Ministry Focus

Rick’s ministry focus is on cultivating and nurturing relationships between world ministry partners, churches and individuals in the U.S. He works to recruit, train and lead short-term vision and mission teams to support church-planting and building efforts in Central America. Lee Ann travels with Rick when she can to visit churches and organizations participating in short-term projects.

The seed for this ministry was planted in the early 1990s when Rick and Lee Ann served on two short-term mission trips to the Navajo reservation in Window Rock, Arizona. Since then, the Myers family, including their two daughters, have served on teams with Beyond Partnership to Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Cambodia.

Faith Story

Rick was raised in a Christian home. He accepted Jesus as his Savior and was baptized at age 15. For Rick, the image of a door is appropriate to describe the pathway that he has traveled to serve the Lord. During the course of his life, many doors have closed, but in their place new doors opened to exciting opportunities. From the untimely death of his father, to the selection of his college and meeting Lee Ann, to the family’s relocation to upstate New York in 1996, God has provided opportunities for Rick to serve in ways beyond his imagination and explains why one of Rick’s favorite verses is Proverbs 16:9.

Lee Ann was raised in a Christian home and made a commitment to Jesus in high school. Through the years, her relationship with Jesus has been enriched by her involvement in their local churches through mentoring and in the classroom through her gift of teaching.


Rick and Lee Ann were married on August 30, 1980. They are continually blessed by their grown children, Kirstin and son-in-law, Ben, parents to their granddaughter Hazel and Lauren and son-in-law Chris who are parents to their granddaughter, Avery and grandson Owen. They are pleased that all are seeking to serve the Lord.


BS in Communications and Humanities, Drexel University