Nana Okrah


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

Nana is currently serving as an intern with Campus Ambassadors at the University at Buffalo. She has the opportunity to evangelize to students and lead a small group. Nana also started a bi-weekly women’s Bible study gathering where college women can study the Bible and fellowship with one another. Nana knows God has a plan for her life and ready to go wherever He directs her.

Nana joined Campus Ambassadors in 2017 and it has had a major impacted on her life by helping her dive deeper into a personal relationship with the Lord. Her involvement with Campus Ambassadors has also opened up doors of opportunity that she would not have normally stepped into. Through leading bible studies and speaking at the UB large group gathering, CAtalyst, she has been able to encourage other students on campus.

Nana knows that college campus can be a lonely place for students and an important period in student’s life that requires major decision making. She believes that God has placed her on campus to be a friend of college students and someone to encourage her peers.

Faith Story

Nana grew up in a Christian home but made the personal decision to accept Christ as her savior at the age of twelve. It is one decision she does not regret making.

Being involved with Campus Ambassadors and church has helped her faith continue to grow each day. She believes she is a walking testimony of what God can do and is willing to be used as a vessel for His work.


Nana grew up in a Christian household where her parents, Paul and Adelaide brought up her two siblings, Abrafi, Kyei and herself on Christians principles that has shaped their lives.


Nana is currently a senior at the University at Buffalo pursing a degree in Social Sciences Interdisciplinary BA- Health and Human Services Community Mental Health Concentration.