Juan Orellana


Service Area: International

Ministry Focus

Pastor Juan is focused on planting churches in the Ocotepeque region of Honduras, where there is a great need for Jesus as people are oppressed by sin—especially alcoholism, addictions, and sexual sins.

He began his ministry by distributing evangelistic pamphlets in the community park of San Marcos Ocotepeque. A Christian who heard him evangelizing opened the doors of his house in order to start a church and preach about Jesus with Juan. As new relationships were made, many were converted, and they spent time to pray and help people who came asking for spiritual help.

Pastor Juan tells us his vision: “I want to evangelize this entire region, baptizing those who receive the Lord, and I want to disciple them to be productive believers. I have already gained 20 people who have been baptized and are serving the Lord.”

Today the first church is already established, and there are some places in the region that are already ready for the Gospel.

Faith Story

Pastor Juan received Christ while being in prison in 2003, with a 15-year sentence. There was little hope in his life. Juan tells us: “I never thought of becoming a Christian and then through a preacher, the mercy of God reached me.” He received Jesus as his Savior through an evangelistic service held at the prison, then he was baptized along with five other prisoners.

He began to receive Biblical discipleship and within a year he started sharing the Word of God to the other prisoners.

In 2009 there was a fire in the prison and for this reason some prisoners were transferred to the city of Gracias, where Pastor Juan was found by Missions Door missionary, Victor Almendarez, who had a Biblical Theology Program by Extension. There, Juan completed his Bible studies in 2012.

Pastor Juan came out of prison in 2014 with a heart fully disposed to serve God. With great joy, he accepted the challenge to go and plant churches in Ocotepeque.


Pastor Juan is single and is praying for his wife.


Diploma in Bible and Theology