Daniel and Stephanie Pace


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

Daniel and Stephanie are directing ministry at Linn-Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon. The vision is to create a contagious community on the campus by encouraging real relationships and developing passionate people. They hope to invigorate the community by showing Christ’s love by presenting Him to them and equipping students to share it with their peers.

Faith Story

Both Daniel and Stephanie came to know Christ at a young age and were involved in the local church and AWANA all the way through high school, both achieving the Citation Award. This amounts to a lower-level seminary degree as it is nearly 10 years of studying, memorizing, and applying the Scripture and its principles to their lives.

Neither of them is a stranger to pain, adversity, and struggles and this allows them to relate to students on various levels. God has used these circumstances and people to mold them and shape them, and He continues to do so. Their desire is to share life with students and show them how God works in our lives on a day-to-day basis and how He can use anyone who has a heart to follow Him.


Daniel comes from a family of five, being the oldest of three siblings. He grew up in Oregon mostly, and spent five years in Georgia before moving back to the Willamette Valley, Oregon last year.

Stephanie is the sixth of eight children. Each person in her immediate family is a believer. She grew up on a small farm raising sheep, chickens and vegetables.

They are now a family unit of their own and look forward to building their own family as time goes on and they build God’s Kingdom together.