Ashley Polverelli

United States

Service Area: City

Role: Recovery House of Worship

Ministry Focus

Ashley was appointed by Missions Door for campus ministry in January 2006. As she began working on campuses, students would come to her to talk about their desire to be free from addictions to drugs and alcohol, and a focused ministry slowly began.

Because of the way God used her, Ashley was invited in August 2008 to join a team in New York City that starts churches for those very people – people in recovery, their families and friends. God has opened the door wide. The Lord has etched into her soul a deep calling to focus on people with debilitating addictions, their families and friends.

Ashley carries The Message to people on the streets, at retreats and other venues. God’s meeting the immediate needs of people through the team by providing The Message, food, shelter, referrals for rehab and counseling, men’s and women’s homes, and other resources. She and the team also take special care to reach, serve, train and send them out to carry His Message.

Part of Ashley’s story includes carrying not only His Message but the message of 12-step anonymous programs due to her personal involvement in such a program.

Faith Story

Ashley grew up around Albany, New York. Her parents made sure she knew about God and His Son Jesus as she became a young adult. She accepted Jesus’ gift in 1997 at the age of 13.

Ashley buried her feelings in busyness to block out what really bothered her instead of letting Jesus heal her heart. Unhealthy ways of responding to issues, drinking for example, became the way of life for Ashley as she tried to figure things out.

While in college, Missions Door’s campus ministry gave her a chance to get back on track with God. As she began to understand how the Christian life works she was able to build healthy relationships and forgive people. Her bitter heart was turned into a rejoicing heart. Ashley has realized that the Lord can use her mistakes from the past to reach others with the hope she’s found in a relationship with Jesus!


Ashley is the oldest of thirteen children and has one nephew.