Jon Ropp

United States

Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

Jonathan was appointed with Missions Door in July of 2018, to serve with Campus Ambassadors at Linn-Benton Community College. Jon’s focus is to establish a Christian community on campus by leading worship, Bible studies, and facilitating large group events. One of his primary goals is to help the Linn-Benton group reach out to non-believing students through both one-on-one interaction and group events.

Faith Story

When Jonathan was three years old, he was adopted from South Korea, into a loving family here in the U.S. Growing up, he faced some struggles socially and mentally. At the age of twelve, Jonathan committed his life to the Lord.
In the Fall Term of 2017 he began his college career at Linn Benton Community College, where he found a Christian college ministry group known as Campus Ambassadors, to which he later became a part of. However, although the group was a Christian group, he felt as though this group was just like the others that he had seen in his past, an exclusive, selective group. And because of this, he left for a short time in the fall term, only to then return at the beginning of the winter term. Since then, he’s become more apart of Campus Ambassadors by becoming more involved with the worship team and taking the role of being the worship leader.
After coming back to the group at the beginning of the winter term, Jon felt God was calling him to serve in campus ministry as an intern, to help students experience the gospel, and transformation through Jesus.


High school diploma from East Linn Christian Academy