Joe and Annie Shea


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

Joe has a passion for evangelism, storytelling, leading Bible studies and developing apologetics to reach the next generation.

In addition to Joe’s ministry on campus he also pastors a local church in the town of North Brookfield, MA.

He enjoys speaking at churches, retreats and conferences, teaching how to share Jesus with this generation. Joe is a great storyteller and uses story to communicate the gospel. He has also ministered at numerous coffeehouses in the New England area, combining music with the message of the Gospel.

Annie enjoys sharing the love of Jesus through hospitality. She cares for many students and staff by welcoming them into their home and family circle and by sharing wonderful home-cooked meals with them.

Faith Story

Joe and Annie became Christians in their 20’s. When Joe, as a lay minister, working full-time as an engineer, attended his first retreat with college students and heard students share hurts, doubts, and brokenness, he knew in his heart he was seeing “a generation in need.”

This and other experiences led Joe to the conviction that he was being called to minister and share Jesus to this generation in need. In January of 2018, after serving full-time with Missions Door for close to twenty-years, Joe began a new role, pastoring a local church, while still remaining on staff with Missions Door. He now serves on the campus of Nichols College and continues to provide oversight, training and assistance to staff in the Northeast.


Joe and Annie were married in 1984. They have four adult sons and looking forward to being grandparents.


M.A. in Business and Administration
M.A. Theological Studies