Sam and Becky Trommler


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

Sam and Becky live in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, where they now serve seeking to reach the 300,000 community college students there. Sam and Becky desire to see thriving ministries on all ten community college campuses in the Phoenix area.

They have been in campus ministry in Arizona with Missions Door since 1995. They have found that the college campus is perhaps the most open area in the United States for sharing Christ. The needs are great. The false teachings, philosophies and appeals to the flesh draw many into lifestyles from which they never escape.

Statistics show that even among church-attending kids up to 90% leave the church and 51% leave the faith by the time they graduate from college. But the Trommlers are seeing God change lives as people come to faith and grow in faith through His Word.

Sam says, “Campus ministry is essential because students are at perhaps the most pivotal place in their lives. Most of them are looking for answers to the biggest questions in life. It is also the last really open time for reaching them with the gospel.”

Faith Story

While reading the Bible in Pennsylvania at the age of 22 Sam came to see that, “if Jesus Christ means anything in my life, He must mean everything!”

With a desire to serve God he enrolled at Southwestern Bible College in Phoenix, Arizona, to prepare to serve on the foreign mission field.

While attending Southwestern, he met Becky whose parents were missionaries with CBInternational in Brazil where she grew up.

After Sam graduated from Western Seminary, Sam and Becky served as church planters with CBI in northeast Brazil for eight years.


Sam and Becky were married in 1978 in Brazil during a short-term mission experience. They have three children, Samuel, Joshua and Micah.