Clint and Edith Ungashick

United States

Service Area: Specialized Ministries

Role: Native American Ministry

Ministry Focus

Did you know that 78% of Native Americans live in cities? The 2010 census shows that the greater Phoenix metro area is the third largest Native American city in the U.S., with about 100,000 people identifying themselves as full or part Native American.

As a member of the Native American Ministry Team (, Clint serves in Phoenix, Arizona under the leadership of Navajo Ben Yazzie. He supports the establishment and planting of Native American Christian churches in the Southwest through discipleship and leader training.

Clint’s spiritual gift is teaching. He enjoys discipleship, teaching, training, and coaching. True believers must be discipled to understand their responsibility in the Body of Christ, how to biblically deal with inevitable interpersonal conflict, and what the Bible says about managing their personal finances. In addition, Clint teaches and coaches church leaders in nonprofit church accounting and QuickBooks.

Since 1991 Clint has ministered to and with Native Americans in Arizona and New Mexico. At the invitation of Ben Yazzie, he participated with a team of Navajos in planting Native Harvest of Flagstaff in 2000 and served there in many capacities until 2012.

His experience includes Native youth ministry with Native Harvest (2000-2008), on the eastern part of the Navajo reservation (1994-1996), and at Carlisle Community Baptist Church in Albuquerque (1992-1993).

Edith enjoys ministry too and has served in Africa, Honduras, Mexico, and Hawaii. For portions of 13 years she has volunteered as a translator in a Christian clinic in Phoenix, where she has the opportunity to share the gospel with the patients.

Faith Story

Clint was raised in Ohio and was saved after one of his insurance clients shared the gospel with him several times. His sending church, The Chapel, has a strong missions emphasis. Learning about ministries to Native Americans, combined with Indian lore from his teenage days in Boy Scouts, led Clint to explore Native American ministry.

Edith grew up in a Christian family in Mexico. When confronted in Sunday school with the teaching that she was a sinner and needed a Savior, she trusted Jesus Christ as her Savior.


Clint and Edith (pronounced ā dēt) were married in 2014. Clint met Edith on a missionary trip to her home town in Mexico in 1998.


Clint studied Navajo language for two and a half years at Northern Arizona University and Diné College (Tsaile, AZ), as well as and Navajo culture and history. Clint earned a B.A. in Biblical Studies, The Master’s College, Santa Clarita, California. Edith earned a B.A. in Education, Cedarville University in Ohio (Qualifying her to teach English as a Second Language).