Jennifer Zulkoski


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

Jenni views the realm of college through her own experience as a crucial period of vulnerability and growth, a pool of people who are crying out for some kind of identity, and how easily you can get drawn into a life not glorifying to God. Her heart breaks for those who are blinded by the ways of the world and who have not yet experienced true life.

She felt God calling her to dive into joining the Campus Ambassadors team at State University of New York at Oneonta, fighting on the front line in a place the devil has saturated with lies.

She uses music to lead people into worship of the Creator, promotes outreach opportunities, building relationships with an eternal bond, and disciples those who are ready to shock the world with the crazy love of Jesus.

Faith Story

Jenni felt God’s hand on her life around age 6. Even though she didn’t grasp a profound understanding at that time, she did understand the need for a personal relationship with her Savior. She thanks Jesus every day for a family who has always shown her what the love of Christ is all about.

Since she grew up in a Christian home, it was easy for her to take God’s grace for granted; but through many different trials and experiences, she has found her complete dependence on Him.

As He reveals more of Himself, she can’t help but be confounded at how much more deeply she continues to fall in love with Him. She desires not only to worship Him in music, but with her life.

God has showed her how each one of us is His beautiful creation made uniquely with different gifts and callings. She has found no greater joy than from surrendering what He’s given her and being used by Him.


Jenni is the daughter of Bob and Karen Lasch. Her sister Alyssa is 2 years younger than Jenni. They have all played a major role in her growing relationship in Christ along with both sides of the family.