Matute, Azucena-Vehicle Project

Dr. Azucena E. Matute serves the indigenous communities in western Panama with a focus of improving the quality of health and bringing the knowledge of Christ to those she serves. Dr. Matute provides medical services and trains staff to improve the quality of life in the community of Soloy.

Soloy is three hours away from the Ciudad de David in the Republic of Panamá. The Guaymi tribe, most well-known as the Ngobe-buglé, live isolated from modern society. This indigenous region has an autonomous government represented by El Cacique. It is characterized by a mountainous terrain with steep slopes and rocky, nutrient-poor soils, characteristics that make agriculture difficult. Rivers there are used for everything, including bathing, laundry and drinking. Poor education and nutrition are also characteristic of this region.

Most travel to this area is done on foot or by horse since there is only one access road to the Inter-American Highway. This makes access to healthcare difficult. For this reason, Dr. Azucena Matute needs your help and support to provide medical services and education to these people and children. Specifically, she needs your support to cover her travel expenses, the purchase of a car to travel to this community ($ 4,900).

Project Number: 50453V