Get to know your office staff!

Jordan Borchers

Communications Coordinator

• Website Management

• Social Media

• Graphic Design Support

• Prayer Letters and Missionary Support

• Publications

Vicky Cortez

Accounts Payable/Ministry Expense Reimbursements

• Accounts payable

• Ministry expense reimbursements and funds requests

• International payroll processing

• CA House Rents

Lennie Gunder

Executive Assistant to the President

• Liaison to the President

• Manages and maintains President’s schedule, arranges meetings, appointments and travel arrangements

• Produces company events and business meetings including Strategic Task Force Meetings and Board Meetings

• Manages Communications Department

Peter Gunder

Archiving Specialist

Archiving of Missions Door historical documents including:

• Board Meetings

• Executive Leadership Team Meetings

• Financial Documents

• and Missionary Personnel Records

Barb Harrison

Finance Team Lead/Payroll & Benefits

• Missionary Payroll & Benefits

• Missionary accounts, Special Projects & Ministry Funds

• Account transfers

• Activity Insurance and Insurance Certificates

Grace Klein

Donor Financial Services

• Donor Relations and Communication

• Donor-Missionary Relations

• Processing and maintaining online and recurring donations

Emily Valley

Personnel Coordinator

• Candidate applications and screening

• Ministry Reports

• Personnel

• Intranet management