Actualización: El Ministerio de Estudiantes Internacionales dispara sus cifras

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A missionary that works with international students at a major American university (missionary and university protected for privacy reasons) reports that the number of internationals at his campus has increased significantly! This missionary has been able to pick up students at the airport and help move them in. Because he often meets their friends, this missionary has gotten to know hundreds of new internationals!

The students are often shocked when he willingly helps without pay or expectation. When they ask why, he always responds, “I’m a follower of Jesus, and I want you to see the reality of God’s love and heart in action!” He is known among many students as “brother or friend.”

Pray for his relationship with these new students and ones from previous semesters. Pray for students having to relocate due to increasing rent prices. Pray that they continue to graciously embrace this missionary into their circle of friends and that they hear the gospel.

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