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Shining God’s Light Across World Religions

May 10, 2019

It’s easy to understand why Abraham* and his family, upon relocating to America from Pakistan in 2004, heeded God’s calling to continue their mission work in a suburban expanse near New York City. Their home is nestled in one of the most culturally diverse areas in the world, sits mere minutes from a burgeoning population…

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Building Hope Among Villages in Rural America

April 4, 2019

“I have sometimes seen, in the morning sun, the smoke of a thousand villages, where no missionary has ever been.” Those words inspired Scottish physician and internationally-renowned missionary David Livingstone to devote his life to bringing Christianity to the remote reaches of Africa in the late 1800s. They also inspire Larisa Craig, but she doesn’t…

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How to Thrive

March 14, 2019

Tim Stewart has worked with Campus Ambassadors since 2001. However, he is currently stepping back from his own campus ministry to, instead, minister to other campus ministers. His new official title is ‘Director of Ministry Partner Development’ and his objective is to help new and veteran missionaries find partners to support them in their ministry.…

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A Place to Be Both

February 14, 2019

In Nairobi, Kenya, the majority of people (75% of the population) is under 29 years old. Curtis Reed has been ministering to this large population of Kenyan youth for the past 12 years. In that time, he has seen a disconnect between Christianity and the Kenyan population at large. What is the reason for the…

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El cristianismo en la cuerda floja

15 de enero de 2019

Freddy no entendía realmente el concepto de gracia. ¿Cómo iba a entenderlo? Las mayores influencias en su vida hasta ese momento no habían compartido o demostrado esa gracia. En cambio, le contaban cuentos con moraleja sobre un mundo duro. Le advirtieron que trabajara duro y lo hiciera bien o acabaría rápidamente en una caja...

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Merry Christmas for Everyone

December 13, 2018

For many, Christmas is a time of joy and celebration. But we all know someone for whom the holidays are anything but merry.  For the bruised, battered and brokenhearted, those who are grieving, and those whose circumstances are anything but what they would choose, it is hard to put on a happy face for Christmas.…

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Thankful to Be Alive

November 12, 2018

Here in Ukraine a heavy fog has rolled in this November morning. Sveta holds her cup of tea with two hands to keep them warm. “What causes me to be thankful in my life now?” She pauses for a moment to think about the question. “Now, every single day I am just thankful to be…

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Mission Recharge

October 18, 2018

Did you know your pastor probably wants to quit? No sabbatical.  Family tensions.  No counseling.  Ministry fatigue.  No self-care.  Conflict.  No clear picture of what’s expected.  And no option to be weak when your congregation needs you to be strong. At any given time, 75% of pastors in America want to quit, (Church Resource Ministries).…

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Purpose in Pain

September 13, 2018

“I believe God is choosing not to heal me because He wants to touch people’s lives through this ‘fragile jar of clay’.” Though struggling with Parkinson’s disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ruth Palnick has found that pain can be a beautiful bridge to evangelism. “You can strike up a conversation with a wall,” Ruth’s mother used…

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Otros Ayudándote 

16 de agosto de 2018

Aaron’s Journal Entry: First night on the river Very dark now. We are traveling upriver by flashlight. We haven’t found the tribe yet but can’t stop because it’s too dangerous to sleep in the open jungle. Hoping to see tiki torches soon. Getting later and colder. Still no village. Hoping the flashlight batteries last. Getting later.…

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Stories in Need of a Savior

July 19, 2018

I walked with Dennis Noble through the Five Points neighborhood of Denver. He and his wife, Shelley, started ministering in the area shortly after he graduated from Denver Seminary in 1972. As their first ministry to the community, the Nobles started a Christian, summer day camp. That same summer, Dennis was appointed as a missionary…

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Turning to Christ

June 14, 2018

The bite of the sub-zero Chicago winter stung Paul’s bare skin, as he trudged through a foot of snow in just a t-shirt and pants. Just moments earlier, Paul had stormed off after an argument with a friend and was trying to make his way home to his apartment. He was freezing by the time…

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Relationships for the Long-Term

May 10, 2018

  “Do you speak Spanish?” I asked. “Well… I offend less people now” he laughed. Rick Myers is a Missions Door Missionary Advocate and Short-Term Teams Coordinator. Today, he leads trips to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras. While he began his career as a salesman, Rick left the corporate world after 27 years to…

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On a Day of Palm Branches

April 13, 2018

It is the Friday before Holy Week. I am traveling with my good friend Rigoberto Reyes, to the eastern end of Cuba this day. We were on the road at 4:00am, bouncing along in a rickety automobile, to arrive for a full day of teaching and encouraging pastors. It seemed unreasonably early to me, especially…

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The Street Community and The Kingdom

March 14, 2018


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The Value of a Single Story

January 29, 2018


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The Legend of Christmas

December 19, 2017

Dr Mike Fleischmann, Vice President of Personnel In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world.  (This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.)  And everyone went to their own town to register.  So Joseph also went up from…

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Agradecido por el Viaje

29 de noviembre de 2017

This past October, Rick Myers set out on a cross-country tour, deciding to travel the US by car to visit and promote many US and Central American missionaries. Rick was re-appointed as a Missionary Advocate last year and embraced the opportunity to personally fellowship and commune with these missionaries across the US. This “Missionary Advocacy…

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Planting Seeds of Change

October 27, 2017


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Empowering Potential within the Body of Christ

September 30, 2017

Harvest America

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A Home Away from Home

September 1, 2017

Campus Ambassadors

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Responding to God’s Call

July 31, 2017

City Ministry

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Hot Dogs & Jesus

June 17, 2017

Campus Ambassadors

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Reconstruir la esperanza en el nombre de Jesús

10 de mayo de 2017


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Beyond the Walls of the Church

March 18, 2017

U.S. Latino

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A Sign of God’s Love

February 17, 2017


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Intended for Evil

January 20, 2017


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En el Ministerio de Reconciliación

20 de octubre de 2016

Estados Unidos

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En el barrio de la esperanza y la curación

21 de septiembre de 2016

Estados Unidos

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Justicia, Hip-Hop y La Palabra de Dios

17 de agosto de 2016


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Encontrando Libertad entre Rejas

20 de julio de 2016


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El Evangelio a 30.000 pies

23 de junio de 2016

Estados Unidos

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Cuando la luz invadió la ciudad de las tinieblas

23 de mayo de 2016


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Ayuda a Ecuador tras el terremoto

3 de mayo de 2016


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El hambre de Cristo de un hindú

16 de marzo de 2016

Estados Unidos

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La Oscuridad Da Paso a La Luz

17 de febrero de 2016

Asia Central

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Encontrar a Dios en medio de la decepción

19 de enero de 2016


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Equipados para el ministerio

17 de noviembre de 2015


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Sembrar semillas para cambiar vidas

12 de octubre de 2015

Ministerio universitario

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De la deuda a la nueva vida en Cristo

22 de septiembre de 2015

De la deuda a la nueva vida en Cristo

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Buenas noticias para un grupo de personas remotas

19 de agosto de 2015

Altamira, Costa Rica

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Un Sueño para un País Bendito

25 de julio de 2015

Finca Belén, Nicaragua

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Esperanza en el camino de la recuperación

27 de junio de 2015

Llegar al mundo a través del adicto

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Comunidad en Cristo

20 de mayo de 2015

Estar presente cuando se toca fondo

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Perú: llevar esperanza

15 de marzo de 2015

Antes del internado, Stalin no podía estudiar por falta de recursos. Ahora está terminando el quinto curso.

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Ucrania: Una nueva vida

21 de febrero de 2015

Lera sólo tenía 13 años cuando llegó al Christian Family Center. Su vida cambió una fría mañana cuando encontró un bonito abrigo rojo.

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Haití: Vida y luz después de la tormenta

12 de enero de 2015

En 2010, Haití sufrió una de las peores catástrofes naturales de nuestro tiempo, un terremoto de 7 grados de magnitud.

Cinco años después, Francklin Alexis, misionero de Missions Door, reflexiona sobre el desastre, el progreso y la esperanza que nos aguardan.

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