A New Year’s Eve Note From Rick Miller

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Happy New Year’s Eve!

In case you missed our video yesterday, here’s a note from President Rick Miller. 


As the year comes to close, it’s a great time for us to pause and reflect about 2021. It’s been another hard challenging year for many people and many of us. And yet in the midst of that, what we have sensed greater than ever before is unusually effective ministry. One example is a 300% increase in the churches we planted in 2020 because of using indigenous leadership that are really effectively reaching their people for Christ.

One special story is of one of our missionary couples, Paul and Tania Steer, who live and work in Honduras. They are Honduran. They were born there, they were raised there, they were educated there, their first language is Spanish, and they love their people. They also love Jesus. And they are creating a movement that is seeing 30% increase in 2021 across their ministry. They die a month-long trip with about 8 or 10 of their leaders where they camped out and visited village after village in the mountains — sharing the gospel, sharing food, sharing gifts with children, doing different games. And how they made a tremendous impact on these people! Their goal was that every man, woman, and child would understand and hear the gospel, and would also see it incarnated through their lives and through their love.

If you get as excited as I do about stories like this, where we have indigenous leaders ready to live, serve, and share the gospel sacrificially, we are launching a new initiative, the Strategic Advance fund, which will empower them and provide limited funding so that they can be more effective. I would like to invite you to partner with us as we fund indigenous leaders to transform communities from the inside out. Before I sign off, let me wish you a great year ahead in life and ministry. May God bless the partnership that we have for His kingdom, for our good, and for the good of those yet to believe.

Rick Miller,



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