Update: Deaf Girl in Argentinian Village Finds Hope

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Missions Door missionary, Jessie Fox, has made contact with a Deaf nine-year old girl who doesn’t know sign language in a small village in Argentina.

Jessie’s team was able to communicate with the girl by writing their names on her arm with their fingers, and vise-versa. The girl’s face lit up with joyous surprise when she realized they weren’t like everyone else. She jumped on Jessie’s team member and hugged her tightly! Her mom said through tears that she’d been looking for someone to help her daughter for nine years.

Her team told the girl’s mom about God’s hope and love, and they promised to return soon. Pray for Jessie and her team as they work to start a language program in the girl’s village so she learn to communicate with others and about the greatest story of Jesus’ grand love for her.

Support Jessie here.

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