Dominic and Gladys Jacob

Profil du missionnaire

Focus sur le ministère

Dominic is originally from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Gladys is from the Philippines. This gives them a unique perspective to ministering within a culture that needs Christ. Because of the sensitivity of their ministry, they can’t disclose the people group that they are reaching. They currently serve in Canada.

Histoire de foi

Dominic came to faith in Christ while in Libya, North Africa. He was led to faith by his British boss. Gladys grew up in a Christian home in Mindanao. She accepted Christ as a young lady.




    Dominic and Gladys by making a financial donation using a Credit Card or by Direct Debit (ACH). 

En savoir plus sur les lieux où se déroule ce ministère

As prosperity welcomes diversity, nationals and immigrants create a multicultural mosaic

Despite a reputation for arctic snow and ice, Canada also encompasses the beauty of the Great Lakes and Niagara Falls, as well as boreal forests, mountain ranges and the world’s longest coastline. Northern Lights often set the winter skies aglow.

Canadian society fosters respect for different nationalities that create a colorful mosaic of distinct multicultural traditions.

An increasing number of immigrants now call Canada home, in addition to descendants of Aboriginals and European settlers. Cities like Vancouver and Toronto are at the heart of this quickly changing demographic, as people from all over the world seek the opportunities of a prosperous and progressive country.

Canada faces its share of modern societal problems, especially tensions between different ethnic and language groups, and pockets of poverty and unemployment. During the last 20 years, religious participation among Canadians has declined as younger generations report attending services less frequently than do older generations.

Your participation with Missions Door enables pastoral training, leadership training, church planting and social outreach to strengthen the influence of Christianity in Canada.

Portrait culturel

As a variation of stick and ball games, ice hockey developed significantly due to its popularity in Canada, where the first indoor hockey game was played in 1875 in Montreal.

Fait de foi

One in five native-born Canadians report attending services at least monthly. Immigrants are twice as likely to attend.

Profil du pays

Population: 35 million

Major Religions: 39% Catholic, 27% Protestant, 24% unaffiliated, 11% other

Languages: 57% English (official), 21% French (official), 16% bilingual

Alphabétisation : 99

Poverty: 12%



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, Canada