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Why Local (Indigenous) Ministry

People from the areas they’re serving are often the best missionaries. They know the culture and language. They understand aspects that someone outside might not. And they’ve experienced firsthand the joys and hardships unique to that community.

Whether it’s a small group, a church in a small town, or university, these are missionaries who love their community and want to bring Jesus to them.

Transforming Society

We believe societies can be transformed by the power of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Missions Door engages with three large change agents in society: college students (future), communities (present), and marginalized groups (those left behind). Local multipliers and teams engage these key aspects of societies all around the globe with the Good News of Jesus so that we can have a world full of healthy, local churches.


Campus Ambassadors minister on college campuses across the United States and Mexico to create communities through which students are transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.


Our missionaries are in over 25 countries around the world, representing diverse cultures and places where God is transforming lives. Our local connections make all the difference.


Specialized ministries of evangelism, church planting, discipleship, as well as compassion and economic development, are used to minister to the millions of people not easily reached.

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