Ministry work in churches everywhere that are transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.


Pioneering ministry and church planting in America’s major cities and beyond

By focusing on people of many languages, races, cultures and nationalities, we continue to launch networks of new churches in the cities of the United States and beyond. Through both indigenous and cross-cultural church planters, starting new city churches is the primary focus of our City Church Movements ministry. Some of these networks reach back to a minister’s country of origin via our “from there to here and back” focus.

City missionaries also engage in specialized evangelism, leadership development, recovery ministries and ministries of compassion and justice.


Birthing new churches in the United States

One of the best ways to reach people for Christ is through starting new churches. Many communities have no church presence.

But experienced church planters are not readily available. To effectively address this, Harvest America has created CB Matrix, a national strategy for training and coordinating prospective church planters who will be able to start and effectively lead new faith communities.

The specific task is birthing churches in the United States. We do this through a structure of regional church birthing networks, which include churches, schools, financial partners and committed individuals — all working together.

Developing church planting movements and mobilizing ministry in more than 20 countries

International ministries focus on church planting, leadership development, evangelism, discipleship, economic development and compassion ministries. We minister in both rural areas and urban centers, and we strongly believe the best church planters are those indigenous to the country where they serve.


Cultivating new and existing ministries among Spanish-speaking people

With almost 17 percent of the population in the United States being of Latino descent, Missions Door is committed to reaching this large and growing segment of the population.

We reach Spanish-speaking people through establishing new churches, training leaders, helping those in need and encouraging existing ministries.

Church ministry is different

The way church works, how it grows, how it remains healthy and ultimately how in impacts the culture is so important in todays changing world. Missions Door is committed to be a leading force in equipping ministers and pastors to lead the church effectively so that a greater impact can be made in the future.

Pastor perspective

"As a pastor, I am grateful to have a partnership with Missions Door, because i feel connected to others to care about the impact of our church and the people we care for everyday."


in church teams

over 3 years

Real Results in Churches

Over the past 3 years we've made a shift to improve our team approach serving churches around the world. This has happened both in physical and virtual ways over this duration. Over this period we have seen tremendous growth and life change in the pastors and ministry leaders we work with. While COVID was a barrier to many ministries, this approach allowed us to see effectiveness and transformation in many aspects of church ministry.

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