Prayer Teams

Prayer liest at the heart and center of ministry


Missions Door was founded around a heart of prayer and the desire to keep the Lord at the center of our work. That heart and desire is still true today. While there are plans, strategy, and work being done all the time, committing this organization and all of this work to prayer is a priority for us.

It is our hope that individuals and other organizations that resonate with our message will step in and pray with us for what God is doing. And what He will be doing.


Join our prayer team

If this is something you are interested in joining us in, we would ask you to do three things.

  • 1. Subscribe

    Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media. This is important so that you'll have up-to-date information about what's happening. There are times that we will ask prayer partners to pray for immediate needs and challenges our teams may be facing in different parts of the world.



  • 2. Pray

    Pray for the Lord's guidance, that we will follow Him and that He will work through us. Pray for unity. The world is a volatile place, and the Enemy wants us to fight one another or lose sight of our mission. Pray for focus. Distractions and opportunities come all the time. Our mission must remain our top priority. Pray for safety. Many of our teams serve in highly dangerous places. Pray for hearts of celebration. It's easy to grow discouraged by the negative forces vying for our attention. We choose to practice gratitude for all the incredible work we have been blessed to have been a part of across the globe.

  • 3. Celebrate & Share

    Celebrate and share what God is doing. There are some amazing things happening right now. There are people finding God for the very first time because of the work of Missions Door. Individuals, families, and entire communities have changed their trajectory through the redemptive work of the Gospel. There are relationships that have been restored. Freedom found. Hope renewed. All of these are things to celebrate. We ask that you join us in that and share it. Share the newsletters with someone who needs to be encouraged about what God is doing around the world. Share it on social media. Be a positive influence in the lives of so many who are discouraged right now. Help us as a ministry and help us as individual missionaries to celebrate what God does.