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“How do we become unstoppable in a world filled with stops?”

July 10, 2023

These last several days have been a joy as we’ve gathered together. We picked a great spot to come together and celebrate 75 years of Missions Door. Looking back, on Monday Rick spoke to us about Missions Door history and the challenges we’ve conquered in the past. Nothing could stop what God led. On Tuesday,…

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Providing Seminary Education to the Middle East

November 18, 2022

A four-year-old Egyptian boy sits in a funeral service. The Eastern Orthodox priest speaks in Coptic, and he can hear his relatives crying. He’s cried a lot as well, painful sobs. His sister passed away, then his father, and then his other sister immediately afterward. He feels sad, lonely, and scared. He’s also confused. Why…

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WATCH: Wagih Boutrus on 4 Misconceptions Muslims Have About Christianity

November 11, 2022

Missions Door missionary Wagih Boutrus from Egypt shares 4 misconceptions Muslims have about Christianity. Support Wagih here.

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Restoring Missionary Relations with the Navajo

November 5, 2022

John’s muscles ache. He and his student missionary team have just finished working after a long, cold day in Arizona. They’re repairing an older house in the Navajo nation. “All done,” John says to the homeowner. The homeowner nods his head. John and his team wish him a nice day and get going. They aren’t…

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Update: Converted Family Donates Land for Honduran Church

October 20, 2022

Missions Door missionary, Carlos Zuniga, reports amazing news. A few years ago, he started to plant a church in Puerta del Ocote, Belen Lempira, which is in the western part of Honduras. This past August, Carlos led a family to the Lord. This family decided to donate a plot of land for that church plant!…

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Update: Former Student in College Ministry Becomes Pastor

October 19, 2022

Campus Ambassador to the University at Buffalo, Tim Stewart, has amazing news! Years ago, a young man named Chris started coming to his college ministry. Chris has just become a Christian. He attended CA for about a year, but then Tim never heard from him again. This summer, Tim was asked to sit in on…

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Update: Honduran Workshop Bringing Women to Christ

October 18, 2022

Missions Door missionaries, Paul and Tania Steer, report that twenty-four women have graduated from their skills training center and want to learn more about the bible. Tania created this workshop to teach women cooking, baking, and sewing. She encourages these women, many of whom are single mothers, rape victims, widows, and thirteen-year-old girls who are…

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Update: 80 Backpacks Distributed in Rochester

October 17, 2022

Update: 80 Backpacks Distributed in Rochester Missions Door missionaries, Marvin and Denise Robinson, report that they were able to supply eighty backpacks and school supplies with scripture messages in Rochester, New York. This was done through gifts from their supporters. They are planning their Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas outreach events for the homeless and families…

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Update: VBS on Wyoming Reservation Sees 110 Kids

October 16, 2022

Missions Door missionary, Allen Peil, reports that this year’s VBS in Wyoming’s Wind River Indian Reservation was a success! Around 110 students from the surrounding neighborhoods and villages attended. Last year, the average attendance was around sixty. Ten students made professions of faith! Five churches total from California, Nevada, Sheridan FBC, and Allen’s home church…

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Update: Ministry Equip Net Sees Influx of Ex Mormons

October 15, 2022

Missions Door missionary, Harry Olsen, currently leads Ministry Equip Net, an online two-year bible certificate program for church planters, pastors, and church leaders. Harry reports that his largest contingent of new and continuing students is in Utah, many of whom are ex-Mormons and eager to know the truth of God’s word! Praise God! Support Harry…

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Update: WATCH — Scouting Argentinian Villages for Deaf People

October 14, 2022

WATCH HERE Missions Door missionary, Jessie Fox, sent us this video, showcasing how her team at Signs of Love search for Deaf people in Argentinian villages. All of the Deaf people you’ll see in this video have never had access to learning sign language or the gospel. Deaf people who don’t know sign language typically live…

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Update: 350 Honduran Prisoners Ministered to

October 13, 2022

Missions Door missionaries, Rick and Ruth Odess, worked with fellow MD missionary, Victor Almendarez, to provide toilet paper to 350 prisoners in Honduras. The prison doesn’t provide these items and prisoners are dependent on family and friends for them. This is the same prison where they provided a medical and optometry clinic a few years…

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Update: Messianic Jew Reunited with Bible Teacher After 67 Years

October 12, 2022

Missions Door missionary, Vincent Morgan, reports incredible news. Vincent is a missionary to the Jewish people. Last month, he along with one of the world’s top Messianic Jewish teachers, Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, hosted a camp focused on the Jewish background of the bible. Arnold was born in Siberia in 1943, during World War II to…

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Update: Cambodian Churches Up to 9 Services

October 11, 2022

Missions Door missionary, Radha Manickam, reports that the Cambodian pastors being supported are all doing incredible work in God’s kingdom! Here are some of the highlights: Pastor Cheam Rin is up to nine worship services with 130 people in bible study. He’s baptized five people and is training twelve leaders. Pastor Phan Sophun is averaging…

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Update: 90 Non-Christian International Students Hear the Gospel

October 10, 2022

Friends of Internationals, a ministry that supports international students at Arizona State University, is seeing a high number of international students after years of covid. Since the school year started, FOI has met and interacted with over three hundred new international students. A recent Friday night dinner and bible study had over ninety students in…

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Update: Deaf Program in Peru Was a Success

October 9, 2022

Missions Door missionary, Rachel Gober, reports that her recent trip to Peru was a success. Rachel works with Signs of Love to teach sign language to Deaf people who live in rural areas of Peru and may not know sign language and how to communicate with people. She also teaches them the gospel, starts bible…

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Update: Deaf Girl in Argentinian Village Finds Hope

October 8, 2022

Missions Door missionary, Jessie Fox, has made contact with a Deaf nine-year old girl who doesn’t know sign language in a small village in Argentina. Jessie’s team was able to communicate with the girl by writing their names on her arm with their fingers, and vise-versa. The girl’s face lit up with joyous surprise when…

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Update: International Student Ministry Sees Sky Rocketing Numbers

October 7, 2022

A missionary that works with international students at a major American university (missionary and university protected for privacy reasons) reports that the number of internationals at his campus has increased significantly! This missionary has been able to pick up students at the airport and help move them in. Because he often meets their friends, this…

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Update: Unorthodox “Christian” Club May Start at WSU

October 6, 2022

Kathleen Young, Campus Ambassador, reports that a new “Christian” club is attempting to start at Worcester State University. They are not orthodox and don’t preach the same gospel. Pray for Kathleen as she navigates tricky discussions. Also pray that the Lord provides her more financial partners. Praise report: Through Instagram, four new freshmen were at…

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Update: Fitchburg State’s Club Status Saved

October 5, 2022

Campus Ambassador, Elizabeth Cernoia, shares some good news! Her campus, Fitchburg State University, lost a key student leader. Within days of their last prayer time, a new student agreed to take on the role and saved their club’s status on campus. FSU also had fourteen people at their first bible study despite the university cancelling…

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Update: Honduras Ministry Sees Increase in Professions of Faith, Baptisms, and More

October 4, 2022

Victor Almendarez, Missions Door missionary in Western Honduras, has an amazing praise report! Virgilia Almendarez continues to disciple women and children in the Honduran mountains. Five house churches are outgrowing their meeting places, meaning five new churches need to be planted. Thirty-five people have been baptized. Forty-five children living in poverty have been given backpacks…

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Update: 28 New Videos Produced for CB Matrix

September 27, 2022

Missions Door missionary, Louis Mann, is the dean of education at CB Matrix, a free distance-learning program that trains lay church leaders and planters. Because of generous donations, CB Matrix has been able to produce 28 videos for their curriculum this year! They have also been able to procure new equipment. Over 30 students (and…

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Update: Formerly Homeless Man is Lead Chef at the Hope Center in Hollywood

September 26, 2022

The Hope Center is a food program that prepares and serves over a thousand meals each week to those in need in the East Hollywood and greater Los Angeles area. Overseeing that food program is Chef Cesar. Cesar arrived at the Hope Center in 2018, homeless, addicted to drugs, and with no hope for the…

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Update: Churches Planted, People Saved, and Women Taught Work Skills in Lenca Area of Honduras

September 25, 2022

Isaias Cantarero and his team are continuing to plant churches in the Lenca area of Honduras. In July, his team visited houses in Carrizal and Cedros Opatoro, La Paz for five days. They planted two fruit trees in each house and shared the gospel. They also helped replace roofs and floors of homes. Children and…

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Update: ASU Experiencing Record Number of International Students

September 24, 2022

Missions Door missionary, Ben Joseph, reports that Arizona State University has a record number of international students this past school year. The ministry he serves in, Friends of Internationals, has been able to take these students all over Arizona to experience the beauty of the Southwest and build relationships. FOI’s Easter Celebration dinner had a…

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Update: Jewish Man Saved and Being Discipled

September 23, 2022

This summer, an unsaved Jewish man approached Missions Door missionary, Mottel Baleston, after he spoke at a church located in a strongly Jewish suburb of Las Vegas. The man came with his believing wife and was open to the gospel. He willingly prayed with Mottel and came to saving faith. Mottel is happy to share…

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Update: New House Church in Dominican Republic

September 22, 2022

Felix Abreu, Missions Door missionary in the Dominican Republic, started a new house church on July 17th. That month, he presented the 5-5-5 plan: five strategic cities in the Dominican Republic where his team wants to establish five strategic church planting centers in the next five years (2023 – 2027). He asks for your prayers for…

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A Voice in the Wilderness of a Private University

September 16, 2022

Abby and her student sit together with a bible open, pouring over scripture. Her student has three times the number of papers and tests coming up than the average college student. That’s what academic life is like for students at the University of Denver, an elite private school with world-renowned prestige. Abby lets the student…

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Teaching Tolerance and Truth

September 2, 2022

A group of college students are gathered around, listening to each other’s opinions. In their midst are donuts and a large sign that reads, “Is there absolute truth?” Students of all faiths and non-faiths give their input, respectfully challenging one another. It’s a breath of fresh air in comparison to how most discourse happens nowadays.…

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Preaching the Jewishness of Jesus

August 26, 2022

Cary stands at the edge of the Mount of Olives, taking in the glorious site. There are green trees as far as the eye can see, although they are no longer olive trees. There’s a heaviness in the air. It’s the 70’s and the October War has just happened, At this time, Cary is an…

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Providing Affordable Education to Inner-City Students

August 19, 2022

An instructor steps into his class, placing his laptop case on his desk. He sits down and opens his computer, waiting for his college students to shuffle in. “Good evening,” he greets them, one by one. He scans his class, nervously doing a headcount. A student approaches his desk. “William’s locked up,” the student informs…

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A Friend to Foreigners

August 12, 2022

“Oh, it’s raining!” Patricia says, smiling as she drives Fatima to the store. Fatima is her new Muslim friend from the Middle East who’s in America to study. “Thank you, Jesus. I prayed to Jesus that it would rain, and He answered my prayer.” Fatima laughs. “Does Jesus answer all of your prayers?” she asks.…

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Update From Our Ukrainian Missionary

August 5, 2022

On Thursday, we received this update from Missions Door missionary Sasha in Ukraine. Dear Rick, I greet you and all supporting the Help to Survive Ministry in Ukraine. I pray for you and wish you all God’s blessings. Forgive me, I have been very remiss in writing to you as I am in a war…

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Creating Community for Those Who Aren’t Interested

July 29, 2022

“Do you wanna play some games with us?” Myke can see the wheels turning in the college student’s head. It’s like he’s thinking, “Games? Having to leave my dorm? Socializing with people?” The student pauses carefully. “No, thanks,” he replies, going back into his room to play video games by himself. Myke figured he’d respond…

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Training Ministry Leaders in Latin America

July 22, 2022

Nicaragua, 1995 – Rigo Reyes is twenty-two years old. He manages around 1,500 people. He has a wife, a good salary, and a lot of power for someone his age. So, why is he destroying his life? Young and Power Hungry Rigo was born and raised in Nicaragua. He got married at twenty years old…

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how operation christmas child spreads the gospel to kids in belize

How Operation Christmas Child Spreads the Gospel to Kids in Belize

July 14, 2022

A little girl smiles brightly at Jose. She’s on the thinner side and the collar of her t-shirt is a little dirty. Jose hands her a green shoe box, and it looks like she’s about to burst with happiness. “Gracias!” she tells him, walking away and finding a spot on the ground to sit. Jose…

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Ministering to Haiti’s Children

July 8, 2022

Haiti, 2010 — the ground begins to shake underneath Francklin’s feet, while objects fall around him with a loud clatter. He looks at his students and sees the fear in their eyes. Francklin guides them downstairs as fast as he can, trying not to fall. Car horns and shouts for help fill the streets. Pieces…

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Helping Missionaries Finish Well

June 25, 2022

Click. The door’s lock echoes in Bob’s ears. He can practically hear his heart beating. There are only two people in the room now. Himself and a police officer. When his phone rang earlier, Bob never expected to hear his friend say the following: “I’ve got a cop here who’s threatening to hurt himself.” His…

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How God Used a Missionary’s Debilitating Panic Attacks

June 16, 2022

“I can’t.” Josh Joiner’s heart beats out of his chest and his hands tremble. He sits in the passenger seat of his car with his wife, struggling to breathe. She drove him to the store in an attempt to leave the house. His constant panic attacks have left him bed-ridden for a month, unable to…

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Reaching Honduras’ Toughest Prisoners

June 9, 2022

A prisoner’s bones ache. He sleeps on the hard ground because there aren’t enough beds in the facility. He awakes to the excited chatter of one of his cell mates. “Care packages,” his cell mate announces. The prisoner gets up. His stomach growls. There’s never enough food; just beans. The care packages are a nice…

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Restoring Marriages is Leading Peruvians to Christ

June 2, 2022

A couple sits in front of William and his wife, Ruth. Tears stain the woman’s tired face, while the man looks down in shame. The boyfriend and girlfriend have cheated on each other several times, but they share three young kids. Neither of them grew up in a two-parent household. This is a common conversation…

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HIV and AIDS Ministry

May 26, 2022

1988 – Steve Robenalt sits with his wife of three weeks, Patty, in a Christian conference. It’s his first year working full-time as a Campus Ambassador at Arizona State University, and they’re both excited to learn more about how to serve their students. A staff member at the conference teaches about ministering to people with…

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House Churches in the Dominican Republic

May 19, 2022

Late 80s, Dominican Republic – eighteen-year-old Felix Abreu sits, entranced by the words of his bible study teacher. It feels like he was being introduced to Jesus all over again. He could barely keep up. How is that this teacher has only been in an evangelical seminary for two years? Felix spent four years in…

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Ministering to One of America’s Most Dangerous Reservations

May 12, 2022

Wind River, Wyoming is a reservation with incredible people, plagued by two heartbreaking issues: post-colonialism and meth. It’s the fifth largest Native American reservation by population. Almost 27,000 people live on the reservation, and around 12,000 of them are from the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes. The community has a horrific colonial history. In…

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Giving Language to the Voiceless

May 5, 2022

“Do you know anyone in this village who’s deaf?” It’s a question Jessie and her team ask regularly in rural areas of Honduras. The person at the door tells them about a deaf gentleman who lives with his parents and gives them directions to find his home. “Do you know his name?” Jessie also asks.…

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Easter: Reacting to the Resurrection

April 16, 2022

John 20:2. Mary goes to the tomb and sees that it’s empty. She runs to Simon Peter and the other disciple John, the disciple who Jesus loved, the disciple who never used his own name, and said “They’ve taken the Lord out of the tomb and we don’t know where they have laid Him.” It’s incredible…

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Good Friday: God of the Third Day

April 14, 2022

  There are many beautiful things about the Easter story that starts on this dark and sorrowful day we call Good Friday, and one of the best is that this is a three day story. Throughout the bible there are many stories that you can group together by how many days pass in the story.…

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Palm Sunday: Look at God!

April 9, 2022

This Sunday is called Jesus’ triumphal entry. It’s described in all four gospel accounts. We look at it and we say, “Wow! Look at them waving the palm branches and yelling hosanna! They’re welcoming Him as the king!” Luke 19:41 says “As they came closer to Jerusalem he saw the city ahead and he began…

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Challenging Students of All Faiths

March 31, 2022

“I’m converting to Mormonism.” Bailey Palmer’s heart sinks into the ground. He could barely recognize Jeremy*. Jeremy came to Campus Ambassadors as a new Christian, ready to be discipled. He was curious and excited, diving deep into God’s word with Bailey every week. “Are tattoos a sin? What about marijuana?” he would ask. He wanted…

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Ministering to International Students

March 24, 2022

“In Christianity, can a boyfriend and girlfriend sleep together before they are married?” Ahmed’s eyes are sincere. He’s never met a Christian before and has many questions. Steven Jones shakes his head. “No. Christianity teaches sex is only for marriage.” Confusion paints Ahmed’s face. “But there are many Americans who live together or have children,…

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