Update: Honduran Workshop Bringing Women to Christ

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Missions Door missionaries, Paul and Tania Steer, report that twenty-four women have graduated from their skills training center and want to learn more about the bible. Tania created this workshop to teach women cooking, baking, and sewing. She encourages these women, many of whom are single mothers, rape victims, widows, and thirteen-year-old girls who are already mothers. She’s trained seventy so far.

Tania must be discrete when she shares the gospel for several reasons. One, Hondurans are typically mistrustful of non-Catholics. Two, men forbid women to listen to evangelicals. And three, religious culture prohibits unmarried women who are baptized Catholic from reading the bible. The twenty-four women who recently graduated cannot leave the Catholic church because of their families, so it’s important for them to continue attending the training centers to continue their biblical learning. This is also how their husbands can know the gospel and be reconciled to Christ.

Praise report:

  • Paul and Tania are working with seventy men, 120 women, and 320 children.
  • They are also working with fifty-five high schoolers and forty university students.
  • They have established links with twelve village leaders. They have created a close bond with many of these communities that previously rejected them for not being Catholic.
  • They are planting a new church in the city.
  • They are planting four other churches, as well.

They shared, “Honduras is a difficult country. The government is corrupt, 73% of the people are extremely poor, the understanding of the gospel is very low, only 3% believe in Jesus, and the Catholic religion rejects faith in Jesus …We live in increasingly difficult times. Every day there are more drugs on the street, and young people drop out of school and university to go and work for $5.00 a day. There are many who are trapped in illicit sex. There are many women under fifteen years old who get pregnant every day. Every day more men and boys become alcoholics at age twelve.”

But through the Steers and other Christians, God is doing so much in Honduras! Pray for their ministry and this precious country. Support the Steers here.

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