Update: Cambodian Churches Up to 9 Services

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Missions Door missionary, Radha Manickam, reports that the Cambodian pastors being supported are all doing incredible work in God’s kingdom! Here are some of the highlights:

  • Pastor Cheam Rin is up to nine worship services with 130 people in bible study. He’s baptized five people and is training twelve leaders.
  • Pastor Phan Sophun is averaging 122 people on Sundays and is up to nine services. He is training twenty leaders and led ninety-eight people to the Lord last quarter.
  • Pastor Mam SamOeun pastors a village church of forty-five people. He’s up to two services and even after his stroke, is training eleven leaders.
  • Pastor Khem Bai’s church has twenty-three people and two services. He has led seven people to Christ and baptized five.
  • Pastor Hun Sareth has twenty-five people in his church. He has led twelve to Christ and baptized three.
  • Pastor Prom Prin has twenty-sive people in his church. He has led fifty-three people to Christ, baptized thirteen, and is training two leaders
  • Pastor Bo Soa has twenty-nine people in his church and has three services. He has led nine people to Christ and baptized seven.
  • Pastor Heng Veasna is involved with training 383 leaders.
  • Pastor Kong Sokhorn has a forty-person church. 5 services. He has led five people to Jesus and baptized twelve. He is training ninety leaders.
  • Radha is working on translating CBMatrix’s courses into Cambodian.
  • Radha’s ministry purchased one hundred bibles to donate to churches in Cambodia that badly need them but have no funds to buy them.
  • Someone donated funds to help purchase 1,000 copies of the Khmer bible.

Praise God! Support Radha here.

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