With wonderful diversity, this lush country makes a home for blended cultures and many kinds of wildlife

In Belize cultural roots run proud and deep and are intertwined with Mayan, African and European colonial heritage.

Within its small borders—180 miles long and 68 miles wide—a third of the country provides a protected home for an impressive array of wild animals, including howler monkeys, jaguars and crocodiles.

The land itself provides the primary source of livelihood for its citizens. Natural resources produce exports of crude oil and industrial minerals, as well as bananas and sugar cane. Natural beauty makes Belize a popular destination for scuba diving, hiking and kayaking that attracts tourists outnumbering residents three to one.

Belizeans are known for their friendly and welcoming spirit, even as many struggle to overcome poverty due to underemployment and lack of infrastructure.

Your participation with Missions Door supports music ministry and evangelism in Belize, and helps bring clarity of Christian teaching among diverse traditions and beliefs.

Cultural Snapshot

Paca (also called Gibnut) is the “royal rat” of the jungle and popularly enjoyed as game meat.

Faith Fact

Christian faith is often blended with Garifuna cultural practices, a blend of African and Amerindian traditions common throughout Central America.

Country Profile

Population: 340,000

Major Religions: 40% Catholic, 32% Protestant

Languages: 46% Spanish, 33% Creole, 9% Mayan dialects, English official

Literacy: 77%

Poverty: 33% overall, 40% in rural areas