On the eastern coast of Africa, a lyrical melting pot celebrates many cultures

With more than 40 Kenyan ethnic groups, plus immigrants from across Africa and the Middle East, Kenya represents a melting pot of storytelling, songs, dances and colorful costumes.

The country boasts several famous national parks preserving mountains, forests, lakes and savanna. Millions of wildebeest make an impressive 1,800-mile migration through its grasslands each year.

In contrast to open lands and rural areas, the cosmopolitan capital city of Nairobi is just one of several major cities in Kenya.

While the country is relatively peaceful, some instances of political violence and terrorism have caused many to flee its borders.

Education receives significant focus, particularly in efforts to improve primary schools. The country has 48 universities.

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Cultural Snapshot

Kenyans are avid tea drinkers. Much of the world’s tea, coffee and flowers come from Kenya.

Faith Fact

The majority Christian community in Kenya faces challenges to accommodate a growing number of devout Muslim students in public schools established and often still funded by churches.

Country Profile

Population: 45 million, 42% ages 0–14

Major Religions: 47% Protestant, 23% Catholic, 11% Muslim

Languages: Kiswahili (national), English (official), local languages

Literacy: 87%

Poverty: 43%