Natural beauty and national pride abound in the face of challenges

The beauty of Nicaragua rivals its Caribbean neighbors — from the twin volcanic mountains of the Isla de Ometepe, to the white-sand beaches of the Corn Islands, to the inviting surf along its 230-mile Pacific coastline.

A mix of native Indian and Spanish colonial heritage influences the colorful art and distinctive clay pottery available in local markets. Expressive murals depict the country’s unsettled history of civil wars. Music and festivals are plentiful.

Nicaraguans place great value on family, including the extended circle of children, parents, grandparents and godparents. A strong sense of personal dignity is matched by deep national pride.

Manufacturing and agriculture — including coffee and cotton — provide sources of income, yet the country still struggles with unemployment and poverty. Earthquakes and hurricanes have compounded the challenges.

Your participation with Missions Door helps to meet strategic and spiritual needs of communities in Nicaragua through agriculture projects, medical teams, church planting and leadership training.

Cultural Snapshot

Since the late 1800s, Nicaragua has developed a professional baseball league as the sport has become the nation’s most popular. When no ball is available for an informal game, a grapefruit or rock will do.

Faith Fact

Reflecting a shift of Christian faith in Latin America, half of today’s Protestants in Nicaragua claim they were raised as Catholics.

Country Profile

Population: 5.9 million, 52% ages 0–24

Major Religions: 59% Catholic, 23% evangelical, 16% unaffiliated

Languages: 95% Spanish, 5% indigenous languages

Literacy: 68%

Poverty: 42%