Don Quixote, Flamenco, festivals, and Spanish guitar –Spain is a wonder!

Spain is the newest addition to Missions Door’s countries of occupancy.

A country known for its sunshine and siestas, Spain has a deep and complex culture in the peninsula where both Muslims and Catholics once claimed their thrones. The sun drenched South was once the heart of Moorish culture, and a heavy influence of North African society can still be felt. The center of Spain evokes images of windmills, castles, and Don Quixote while also being home to the classic European capital city of Madrid. The north of Spain provides a culture of their own in the fiercely independent and fiesta-driven regions such as Catalonia and the Basque Country.

Spain is a beautiful country of diverse landscapes with a large portion of the population living on the Mediterranean Coasts. However, the largest masses of people live in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, and Zaragoza.

Your participation with Missions Door strengthens churches in Spain through youth ministry, leadership development, social outreach and economic development.

Cultural Snapshot

Spain is often glorified for its daily “siestas” or, roughly translated, “naps”. Between about 2 and 4 pm each day, businesses close and the Spanish people take time to rest before continuing on with their day, which usually lasts much later into the night!

Faith Fact

While statistics vary, about 80% of the Spanish population claim to be Catholic. However, when asked about specific Catholic doctrine, most disagree with major tenets of the faith.

Country Profile

Population: 48 million

Major Religions: 77% Catholic, 20% Non-Believers/Atheists, 2% Other Religions

Languages: Spanish

Literacy: >98%

Poverty: 21% — Largely in Southern Spain