Against a backdrop of natural beauty and colorful traditions, hard-working people face challenges

Ukraine is a vast country — the third largest in Europe — full of natural beauty, from fertile plains and rugged mountains, to winding rivers and Black Sea beaches.

Its people face critical challenges related to finances and foreign and national security. Thousands live in poverty and need, yet they show resilience through their colorful cultural heritage and warm hospitality.

Two-thirds of the population live in cities and towns, many of which feature historic architecture, lively markets and cafes, active sports and higher education. Among households in rural areas, 35% are likely to be poor, compared to the 24% national poverty rate.

A popular cultural and political saying captures the persistent sentiment of the nation: “Together we are many. We cannot be defeated.”

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Cultural Snapshot
Easter eggs, called pysanky, are elaborately decorated with traditional Ukrainian designs.

Faith Fact
A Ukrainian composer wrote the well-known Christmas song, Carol of the Bells, based on a folk melody.

Country Profile

Population: 44 million

Major Religions: 52% Orthodox, 26% Protestant, 14% Catholic

Languages: 67% Ukrainian, 24% Russian

Literacy: 99%

Poverty: 24% overall, 70% for families with 4+ children