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Louis Mann sipped his coffee contentedly as he listened to Gary excitedly share about the ministry happening at his church. For Louis, this face-to-face time with his CB Matrix leaders is one of his favorite aspects of ministry. It’s an opportunity to be encouraged by success stories as well as give encouragement.

As Gary vibrantly talked about what God was doing, Louis remembered how Gary hadn’t always been this confident. In fact, he was a rather quiet individual. Previously, Gary had been faithfully serving in his church as a deacon. He had a strong knowledge of the Bible and a deep love for the Lord, but his lack of formal training was preventing him from feeling equipped to step into other leadership roles.

So when Gary was asked to take over the leadership of a CB Matrix cohort in California, Louis had no idea the transformation he would see as Gary began to embrace his potential as a leader.

“After the first year,” says Louis, “he just lit up with excitement over what he learned and how much he was applying scripture to his daily life.”

Gary has developed a deep desire to see other people come into the program and experience what he has experienced. He has moved into an elder leadership role at his church and if you ask him, he will attribute his growth to the training he received through CB Matrix.

“CB Matrix,” says Louis, “has helped Gary to feel eminently more qualified to serve in church leadership.”

A Value for Education

Louis is an educator and serves as the Academic Dean for CB Matrix, a free online leadership training program. Serving with Missions Door for almost six years now, he is passionate about empowering and educating leadership within the local church to serve with excellence and confidence.

After working for 40 years as an educator in Christian schools, the opportunity to serve with Missions Door became the next ministry path God had for Louis. He is grateful to continue serving in ministry during what he calls his “golden years” and to continue helping people enter the harvest fields no matter where the Lord has placed them.

CB Matrix works to appropriately train and prepare church planters, strengthen existing church leadership, connect with the growing number of ethnic churches to provide formal training, and continue to expand and spread the harvest field that the Great Commission calls us all to do.

Louis’s work is primarily administrative as he appoints, advises and encourages the men serving as trainers and mentors to lead and facilitate the program’s many cohorts around the country.

“This program is for individuals who feel a call to ministry but have not received formal training and are not in the position to attend formal training”, says Louis. “CB Matrix wants to equip these individuals to be leaders within their own churches or to successfully establish new churches.”

Igniting Vision for Global Impact

A ministry that once started as a small, live-stream training lecture, is rapidly spreading as CB Matrix expands beyond reaching just rural communities to reaching college campuses, Hispanic communities, and other countries as lectures are translated into other languages.

With their recently developed pre-recorded lectures which contain an entire year of training, this once limited resource now has the potential to impact leaders globally. Pastors and leaders around the world can receive structured and reputable training in Bible, theology and church leadership.

And all at the price of FREE.

Training programs are in the process of being translated into Spanish, creating a bridge to reach Hispanic communities both in the United States and around the world. They are also starting in Cambodia after a trainer/mentor went through the program in Seattle and was inspired to translate materials and share it with Cambodian pastors.

And an exciting new partnership is also developing with Campus Ambassadors, Missions Door’s college ministry. As students become ignited to impact their communities, CB Matrix will provide the opportunity to appropriately equip them to be disciples, leaders, and mentors to their fellow students.

Louis is so excited for the future of CB Matrix. He loves being a part of strengthening the body of Christ. This powerful and accessible training program is producing confident, equipped leaders who are proclaiming the name of Jesus and impacting their churches, campuses, and communities.

All for the glory of God.

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