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The slow rumble of the motor filled his ears as Samoeun made his way through the rugged Cambodian countryside. The late afternoon sun was relentless on the back of his neck.

Samoeun was sure this was going to be the last trip for his humble little scooter. Over the years, it had taken him in many directions with many miles in between. Although humble in appearance, this scooter was certainly his most valuable resource.

Training Cambodian Leaders
Samoeun is a church planter in Cambodia, a country that struggles to welcome the Christian church. He’s always hungry for resources that can help him in his ministry.

That’s why he never misses an opportunity to attend the training program with Cambodian Ministries for Christ (CMC), a local ministry of Missions Door led by Radha Manickam.

The CMC program trains and prepares pastors and leaders across the country. They learn about starting new ministries and how to creatively share the Gospel within the Cambodian laws, which state that the message of the gospel cannot be publicly proclaimed.


The Value of Giving
The training center also emphasizes the value of being generous — a value Samoeun has come to fully embrace.

He tries to bring at least one of his church leaders to each training session, but many of them cannot afford to make the journey.

“More than once, I’ve seen Samoeun give his own money to a leader for the bus ride home,” says Radha. “He can hardly afford to travel, and yet he pays for his leaders to attend. He understands the importance of giving.”

Lasting Impact
As Samoeun made the trip on his faithful scooter, a sense of sadness came over him. Due to declining health, he knew it could also be one of his last. But as he watched the afternoon sun begin to set, casting long shadows across the road, he felt God’s overwhelming peace surround him.

Because of the training he’s received from Radha, Samoeun knows his ministry and church leaders can continue to do great work in the lives of their Cambodian brothers and sisters.

Your support of Radha and the Cambodian Ministries for Christ will enable them to continue equipping local pastors and leaders like Samoeun throughout the country.


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