Hurricane Iota Mercilessly Follows Eta’s Path in Central America

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Hurricane Eta slammed into Central America, with sustained winds of 140 mph. Near the center, it is estimated that the winds reached upward of 190 mph, making this one of the strongest storms on record in the Northern Atlantic.

Just 13 days later, while families and communities are still overwhelmed with tremendous loss, Hurricane Iota follows Eta’s path. Iota mercilessly brought more devastation and casualties throughout Central America as the second category 4 hurricane to hit the same spot in a mere two weeks–it is unheard of.

Erick Sanchez, one of our missionaries in Honduras, describes this as “a reality taken out of a horror movie.”

Many of our missionaries and pastors have been directly affected, but they are still caring for the needs of so many families in their churches and communities who have been devastated by the hurricane. With lost electricity and communication systems, finding missing persons is especially difficult.

Our network of missionaries in Honduras and official data have reported:

  • 2.9 million people were hit with 941,525  injured and 62 lives lost.
  • 92,223 people had to be rescued with 425 shelters taking in 42,746 people
  • 102,000 people are still missing
  • 50,000 volunteers are onsite with rescue efforts
  • 22,154 homes and 11 schools damaged
  • 171 roads split and 65 bridges partially destroyed or fallen

Thanks to the actions performed by our missionaries and partners, Missions Door has achieved:

  • 9,646 plates of food and 1,054 bags of food delivered along with drinking water
  • 38 Pastors were supported
  • 244 people housed in our churches with 2 shelters established with 100 mats
  • 7 boxes of Bibles
  • 100 pairs of shoes along with clothes and bedding
  • Cleaning supplies and 6 pressure washer machines, with building materials and roof sheets for home repair

Thank you so much for your faithful support. We are honored to serve our Lord and Savior alongside each other.

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