Félix and Amnerys Abreu

Dominican Republic

Service Area: International

Role: Dominican Republic National Director

Ministry Focus

Félix and Amnerys Abreu have served with Missions Door since 1993. He pastored Christian Blessing Center Church in Santo Domingo until June 2004, a church that started three daughter churches.

Félix and Amnerys were also instrumental in starting a Christian school in Santo Domingo. In July 2004, Félix was appointed as the National Ministry Coordinator for the Dominican Republic. His responsibilities were expanded in 2008 to also include oversight of ministry in Haiti and the Bahamas. His goal is to initiate and expand ministries across the Caribbean where people experience the blessing of God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.

His vision is to train leaders, start new churches through a mother church and/or through pioneer work in other cities, and develop social projects that impact the communities where churches minister.

From 2012 – 2017, Félix served as the Caribbean Ministries Director. He now serves as the Dominican Republic National Director, focusing his time and energy on strategic ministry needs and objectives in the Dominican Republic.

Faith Story

Félix was born in La Vega, Dominican Republic and was raised as a Roman Catholic. Deciding at age 14 to dedicate his life to work for God, he entered the Catholic Seminary where he studied for four years.

In 1982 he decided to leave the seminary because he felt there was something else in life. He moved to Santo Domingo to study at the university, but after accepting Christ as his Savior there, he immediately knew that ministry would be his future.


Félix married Amnerys in 1989 and they have three children: Kemuel, Estefany and Félix.


B.A. in Computer Science
B.A. in Theology from Central American Theological Seminary,
M.A. in Christian Counseling